Birdbox - Trevante Rhodes Interview

Trevante Rhodes and Sandra Bullock in, Birdbox

Trevante Rhodes and Sandra Bullock in, Birdbox

Based on the best-selling Josh Malerman novel, Bird Box is a post-apocalyptic thriller that follows a woman (Sandra Bullock) who, along with a pair of unnamed children, must make it through a forest and river blindfolded to escape a supernatural entity that, if seen, causes people to commit suicide. 

The film also stars Trevante Rhodes, who blew us away in 2016 with his performance as the adult Chiron in the Academy Award-winning film Moonlight.

Starring in Moonlight gave Rhodes the attention he deserved. While talking about the movie in an interview with Out, Rhodes said: "Being a black person in America right now is shit, being a homosexual in America right now is shit, and being a black homosexual is the bottom for certain people. That’s why I’m so excited for people to see Moonlight. I don’t feel like there’s a solution for our problems, but this movie might change people. That’s why you do it — because you feel like you’re doing something that matters. This is someone’s story." The film has won the Golden Globe Award for Best Picture – Drama and the Academy Awards for Best Picture and Best Adapted Screenplay.


In February 2017, he was featured on Calvin Klein's 2017 Spring underwear campaign along with Moonlight stars Mahershala Ali, Ashton Sanders, and Alex Hibbert, and in late 2017, he appeared in the music video "Family Feud" by Jay-Z.

In 2018, Rhodes co-starred in the science fiction action film The Predator.

I spoke with Trevante Rhodes about working on the thriller Birdbox opposite Oscar Winner Sandra Bullock.