Charles Esten Interview - Nashville the Final Season and More


Charles Esten .... is there anything this talented guy can't do? 

He Acts, He Sings and He’s Funny! 

The star of Nashville let's us know what's in store for the sixth and final season of CMT’s Hit Country Music Drama! 

Charles Esten is a multi-talented actor, singer and comedian. He’s appeared in such movies as The Postman, Thirteen Days and Swing Vote. His credits on TV range from The New Adventures of Old Christine and Star Trek to ER, The Office and Billy Crystal’s TV movie 61*.

Esten has been a part of the main cast of Nashville from 2012 to present. In addition to starring in the drama series as Deacon Claybourne, he’s also contributed to the soundtracks as both a singer and a songwriter.

Charles Esten with former co-star Connie Britton who played Rayna James

Charles Esten with former co-star Connie Britton who played Rayna James

The sixth and final season of Nashville airs Thursday nights on CMT.  In the new season, Deacon (Esten) is preparing to return to the dating scene as Nashville’s most eligible bachelor. He’s looking to distract himself from his own loneliness with New Years Eve looming, but falls short despite the best efforts of people around him.

Juliette (Hayden Panettiere) is struggling with depression. After an onstage meltdown, she's trying to rid herself of self-doubt and the burden of unforgiving country music fans from an unlikely source. Meanwhile, Maddie (Lennon Stella) gets invited to perform at a benefit in Los Angeles where she meets Jonah Ford (Nic Luken), pop music’s newest and hottest young star. Following their personal and professional split, Gunnar (Sam Palladio) and Scarlett (Clare Bowen) struggle to find their voices as solo artists. Scarlett has a key storyline with a military veteran with severe PTSD and a talent for music. And Will (Chris Carmack) attempts to keep smiling after his own breakup with Zach (Cameron Scoggins).

I spoke with Charles Esten via satellite about his time on the show, his close friendship with Connie Britton, who he will miss most and what's up next.  Check out our interview below.