Inside Out: On Blu Ray Combo Pack


Looking for the perfect movie to watch with the entire family? Then look no further than Pixar’s Inside Out - now on Blu Ray Combo Pack.

Do you ever look at someone and wonder what’s going on inside their head? Disney-Pixar’s “Inside Out” takes an exciting and hilarious journey into the mind to find the answer. Based in Headquarters, the control center of 11-year-old Riley’s mind, five emotions are hard at work, led by light hearted optimist Joy. She strives to make sure Riley stays happy as she operates alongside fellow emotions Fear, Anger, Disgust and Sadness.

When the film was released in theatres it immediately struck a chord with moviegoers, making it one of the highest grossing PIXAR films of all time. Not only has Inside Out officially become Pixar’s most successful original film it’s  also the most educational.

What initially moved people was the way the film dealt with emotions and how they are seen through the eyes of this young girl.  

Writer-director Pete Docter consulted with both renowned psychologist Paul Eckman, noted for his pioneering research on emotions, and Dacher Keltner, co-director of the Greater Good Science Center and psychology professor at the University of California, Berkeley to get a good handle on emotions the role they play in our daily lives. Inside Out speaks to the head as much as it does to the heart.

It gives parents a deep understanding of how their kids are feeling and in turn gives children the comfort that they are not alone.

The movie is perfect for parents and kids to watch together. It will not only entertain but will encourage some healthy discussion on emotions.

In addition to the film there are plenty of Special Features included with the Blu ray Combo Pack:

In-Home Exclusive Animated Short Film "Riley's First Date?" - Riley, now 12, is hanging out at home with her parents in San Francisco when potential trouble comes knocking: a boy shows up at the door. Can Mom and Dad's emotions handle "Riley's First Date?"

"Lava" (Theatrical Short Film) - Inspired by the isolated beauty of tropical islands and the explosive allure of ocean volcanoes, "Lava" is a musical love story that takes place over millions of years

Featurettes: "Story of the Story", "Paths to Pixar", "Mixed Emotions", "Mapping the Mind", "Our Dads, the Filmmakers", "Into the Unknown: The Sound of 'Inside Out'", "The Misunderstood Art of Animation Film Editing"

Deleted Scenes, Audio Commentary with directors Pete Docter and Ronnie del Carmen, and producer Jonas Rivera, "Mind Candy" - A montage of toolkit and interstitials produced for "Inside Out", Trailers

Phyllis Smith one of the stars of Inside Out voices "Sadness."  She is best known for her role on the hit TV series “The Office.” I spoke to her about playing the role and how incredibly uplifting it was for her to be a part of this amazing movie.