John Cusack talks Maps to the Stars and why he loves TIFF

John Cusack loved working with director David Cronenberg in his latest film, Maps to the Stars.  In the star studded film,  Julianne Moore gives a wonderful performance as Havana Segrand, a desperate and insecure middle-aged actress scheming remorselessly to land the lead in a remake of a film her mother starred in years ago. She divulges a flood of inner fears and childhood trauma to her therapist, Dr. Stafford Weiss (John Cusack), a TV psychologist and self-help guru with a stable of celebrity clients. But Weiss has problems of his own, including a teenaged movie-megastar son whose career is already threatened by his out-of-control ego and drug problems. Also starring is Mia Wasikowska as Agatha, a pyromaniac who gets hired as Havana's assistant based on a Twitter friendship with Carrie Fisher (playing herself ); and Jerome (Robert Pattinson), a limo driver, struggling actor and aspiring screenwriter.            Cusack was  at the Toronto International Film Festival with two projects — Maps to the Stars, in which he plays a self-help guru whose son is a child actor, and Love & Mercy, in which he plays Brian Wilson of the Beach Boys.   Here is our interview.