London Has Fallen: Gerard Butler and Angela Bassett Interview

Gerard Butler is back in full-on action hero mode! After the success of 2013's hit Olympus Has Fallen the 46-year old Scottish actor decided it was time to reunite with the cast to bring us another action packed thrill ride with, London Has Fallen.

In case you didn’t see Olympus Has Fallen or need a refresher - in that film we were introduced to Mike Banning (played by Butler) a former Special Forces operator. When heavily armed and highly trained terrorists launch a bold daytime attack on the White House, the building is overrun, and President Benjamin Asher (Aaron Eckhart) and his staff are taken hostage. Luckily for Asher, Banning is on the scene. With time running out, it's up to Banning to locate Asher's son before the extremists do and rescue the president before his captors unleash their ultimate plan.

Although Banning saved the day a few years prior, he’s got his hands pretty full once again. After the death of the British prime minister, the world's most powerful leaders gather in London to pay their respects. Without warning, terrorists unleash a devastating attack that leaves the city in chaos and ruins. Secret Service agent Mike Banning springs into action to bring U.S. President Benjamin Asher to safety. When Asher falls into the hands of the sinister organization, it's up to Banning to save his commander in chief from a horrible fate. The film also stars Morgan Freeman as the now promoted Vice President and Angela Bassett who reprises her role as director of the Secret Service, Lynn Jacobs.

There’s no doubt about it, Gerard Butler is most comfortable when he gets to play an action hero. He performs every stunt that the production will allow (some are a just a little bit too harrowing even for Butler) and does them with precision.
Butler does admit however that it takes a lot of work to stay in shape and keep his body fit and strong. The actor who can also currently be seen as the god of darkness in Gods of Egypt, says he especially struggles to remain fit during the time that he is not shooting for a film.
“It was a lot of training for a few months. I’m used to it now, but there is that element at the beginning where you actually have to put down your packet of Cheetos and quit eating cheeseburgers. But it is great because I don’t know what kind of shape I would be in If I wasn’t an actor,” Butler said at a recent press conference.

For London Has Fallen he was most excited about reuniting with his former castmates and says there’s a natural comfort zone when he gets to work with the same people on such an action packed set.
“It’s a fraternity, Butler told me during our recent interview. “You have these great friendships that people thrived on in the first one and now you know you can take that somewhere else. It was great for all of us to slip right back into our roles.”

For more on London Has Fallen from stars Gerard Butler and Angela Bassett, check out my extended interview below. 

London Has Fallen hits theatres on March 4th.