Max Irons talks up his new TV series, "Condor"


Max Irons  follows in the memorable onscreen footsteps of Robert Redford. The new Audience Network series “Condor” casts the second-generation English actor (dad is Jeremy Irons) in the lead role as avian-nicknamed CIA analyst Joe Turner, the role Redford originated in Sydney Pollack’s 1975 film, the Oscar-nominated “Three Days of the Condor.” 

The TV version adapted material from both the feature and its inspiration, James Grady’s novel “Six Days of the Condor.” Unlike its predecessors, this 10-episode telling is set in Washington, D.C. instead of New York City. Available to DirectTV subscribers, Audience Network is perhaps best known for another show based on a book, “Mr. Mercedes,” overseen by show runner David E. Kelley.


Based on the novel Six Days of the Condor by James Grady and screenplay Three Days of the Condor by Lorenzo Semple Jr. and David Rayfiel, the series will follow a young CIA analyst who stumbles onto a terrible but brilliant plan that threatens the lives of millions. CONDOR also stars William Hurt, Leem Lubany, Angel Bonanni, Kristen Hager, with Mira Sorvino, and Bob Balaban; special guest star Brendan Fraser.

William Hurt and Nira Sorvino in, Condor

William Hurt and Nira Sorvino in, Condor

In 2011, Max Irons played Henry in Catherine Hardwicke's Red Riding Hood. He was chosen to play Jared Howe in the 2013 film adaptation of The Host, based on Stephenie Meyer's novel of the same name. In the 2013 television series The White Queen, Irons took the leading role of Edward IV of England. The series, based on Philippa Gregory's best-selling historical novel series The Cousins' War, was broadcast weekly on BBC One, ending on 18 August 2013. Irons appeared in 2014 film The Riot Club, the film adaptation of Posh. In 2016, he starred in the ITV miniseries Tutankhamun as Howard Carter.

I spoke with Max Irons via satellite from Los Angeles about taking on this iconic role, what attracted him to the series, what the hardest thing about playing Joe Turner turned out to be and the best piece of advice he got from his famous actor-father, Jeremy irons. 

Condor Premieres on Wednesday, June 6th at 10pm ET/PT on the AT&T AUDIENCE Network