No Escape: Owen Wilson Springs into Action

Owen Wilson in, No Escape

Owen Wilson in, No Escape

Owen Wilson action hero? It appears to be a fact in his new thriller, No Escape. Known mainly for his more comedic roles, Wilson kicks it into high gear in this non-stop intense action thriller. 

Set in In Southeast Asia, "No Escape" centers around a newly relocated American businessman (Owen Wilson) and his family who literally run for their lives looking for safety during a violent political uprising.  

The movie delivers the  action from beginning to end and poses the question, how far would you go to protect and save your family?

 No Escape co-stars Lake Bell as Wilson's wife who springs into action mode just as much as Wilson. The two young actresses (Sterling Jerins and Claire Geare) are extraordinary as their daughters who are put to the test time and time again throughout the film.

There is a harrowing scene when the family gets to their hotel rooftop for safety. Once they realize that the rebels are closing in, they all must jump to the next roof top that has to be at least twenty feet away. Since the girls are too young to even attempt a jump like that it is up to Wilson's character to toss them over. It is absolutely terrifying to watch and trust me, it is the something that you will be talking about for days after you've seen the film.

No Escape also stars Pierce Brosnan as a man they meet on the plane who later becomes an important asset in their lives. 

I spoke with Owen Wilson, Lake Bell and brothers/director/writers John Eric Dowdle and Drew Dowdle in Los Angeles about working on No Escape and the film's intense story line. 

No Escape is in theatres on Wednesday August 26th.