Patrick Huard and Suzanne Clement: My Internship In Canada

Two of Quebec's biggest stars finally team up on this big screen in, My Internship In Canada. Patrick Huard (Bon Cop, Bad Cop, Starbuck) and Suzanne Clement (Mommy) had known each other for years, but funny enough had never worked together. When the script came along for My Internship In Canada, they were thrilled when they discovered that they were going to play husband and wife. 

Written and directed by Philippe Falardeau, ( Monsieur Lazhar, The Good Lie ) it stars Patrick Huard as Steve Guibord, an independent Member of Parliament from northern Quebec who quite unexpectedly finds himself in the position of holding the tie-breaking vote on whether Canada will go to war in the Middle East. Embarking on a tour of his constituency to evaluate public opinion, various lobby groups spin the debate farther and farther out of control and Guibord's confusion ultimately forces the decision onto Souverain (Irdens Exantus), his Haitian immigrant intern.[
The film's cast also includes Suzanne Clément as Guibord's wife Suzanne, and Paul Doucet as the Prime Minister of Canada.

My Internship In Canada had its North American premiere at the 2015 Toronto International Film Festival, where it received an honorable mention from the Canadian-film jury.

I spoke with Suzanne Clement and Patrick Huard at the Toronto International Film Festival about the timely nature of the subject matter, finally getting the chance to work together and what they have coming up next.  ( Huard is prepping for Bon Cop, Bad Cop 2 with Colm Feore).

My Internship In Canada Opens in  Toronto and Ottawa   October 9th

Additional Markets TBC