Paul Bettany geeks out about starring in Solo: A Star Wars Story


Paul Bettany couldn’t be any happier these days. He’s transitioned from the Marvel Universe - where he was both Iron Man's artificially-intelligent valet JARVIS and The Avengers' Vision -  straight into the Star Wars Universe.

Good luck has certainly reigned on the British actor.  Bettany was cast by his good friend, director Ron Howard, in Solo: A Star Wars Story as Dryden Vos, the new bad guy in town. (The production - with Alden Ehrenreich as Han Solo and Donald Glover as Lando Calrissian - had begun shooting in January, 2017 with directors Phil Lord and Christopher Miller, who left six months later over "creative differences." That's when Howard stepped in).


Bettany says he landed his dream role in Solo: A Star Wars Story with one lucky text. The UK actor - who is a longtime Star Wars fan - sent a humorous message to Ron Howard after he was announced as the new director. It paid off and secured him the coveted role of Dryden Vos, the galactic gangster who Han eventually has to confront.

I spoke with Paul Bettany during a promotional stop in Toronto who told me that he is eternally grateful for all of the work that has recently come his way mainly because he was told just over ten years ago that he'd never work again. WHAT?????   Did that Producer see A Knight's Tale??? 

Check out our interview below.  Solo: A Star Wars Story hits theatres on Friday May 25th.