How puuuurrrr-fect!!! The creepy thriller Pet Sematary is now out on Blu-ray and DVD and to celebrate the home entertainment I spoke with the film’s star, Tonic, who played “Church” the cat - Tonic went from a street stray to overnight sensation - and cat trainer Melissa Millett! Who says you can’t herd cats?

Hailing from London, Ontario, Melissa Millett is a professional animal trainer who helped find and train the cats who appeared as “Church,” the infamous family cat in the movie PET SEMATARY. Melissa has not only behind-the-scenes stories about making the hit film, but also training and care tips for current and potential cat owners. She’s the gal who helped the filmmakers get that incredible performance out of “Church” the cat.


In Pet Sematary, after the Creed family relocates from Boston to rural Maine, they soon discover an ancient burial ground hidden deep in the woods near their new home. When tragedy strikes, the grief-stricken father is driven by the cemetery’s sinister power, setting off a perilous chain of events that unleashes an unfathomable evil with horrific consequences. Some secrets are best left buried in this twisted thriller.

In addition to Tonic the cat, the film stars John LIthgow and Jason Clarke.


Based in London, Ontario, Melissa has trained animals for numerous film, television and commercial productions. She is also the host of the Canadian television show “Doggy House Calls” and the spinoff “Doggy Diaries.” Melissa additionally founded the “Ultimutts” stunt dog show, which features dogs—and one trained cat!—who perform incredible feats.

Tonic was a stray found on the street who was adopted and trained in just two months for the film. Tonic now appears as the sole cat in the “Ultimutts” stunt dog show.

I spoke with Melissa and “Tonic” about working on the film Pet Sematary and if Tonic pulled any diva moves on the set.


The Digital*, 4K Ultra HD, and Blu-ray releases are packed with over 90 minutes of special features, including hair-raising deleted and extended scenes, a chilling alternate ending, a look at the main characters, behind-the-scenes footage, cast interviews and more. A must-own for every Stephen King fan, PET SEMATARY is a “twisted and bone-chilling” (Meagan Navarro, Bloody Disgusting) thrill ride.

The film also boasts a Dolby Atmos® soundtrack to place and move audio anywhere in the room, including overhead**. In addition, both the 4K Ultra HD and Blu-ray Combo Packs include access to a Digital copy of the film.


  • Alternate Ending

  • Deleted and Extended Scenes

  • Night Terrors - Family Haunting Visions

  • Louis

  • Rachel

  • Ellie

  • The Tale of Timmy Baterman

  • Beyond the Deadfall

  • Chapter One: Resurrection - Directors, screenwriters and cast discuss bringing this classic back to life

  • Chapter Two: The Final Resting Place - A deeper look into finding the right location for the terror to unfold

  • Chapter Three: The Road to Sorrow - Inside the film’s tragic themes and creating the iconic cat “Church”

  • Chapter Four: Death Comes Home - Unearth the creepy elements behind the climax and final scenes of the film

The PET SEMATARY DVD includes the feature film in standard definition.