Preggoland - Interviews with Sonja Bennett and Director Jacob Tierney

Preggoland is one of those movies for anyone who has had a baby, is trying to have a baby or has no intention of having a baby.  It is a completely relatable fun, hilarious, and extremely well written comedy-drama about our societal obsession with pregnancy and babies. 

Montreal director Jacob Tierney (The Trotsky) and Vancouver writer/actor Sonja Bennett collaborate for this laugh-out-loud comedy about a 35-year old woman whose high school friends have moved onto motherhood, while she’s still partying in the parking lot.  But when Ruth is mistakenly thought to be “with child,” her life changes – old pals embrace her, strangers give up their seats and her father (James Caan) approves of her for the first time.  How can she keep up the ruse? 

Also starring are Lisa Durupt (Ruth’s baby-wanting sister), Paul Campbell (the 
boss Ruth bonds with over a song), Jared Keeso (the doctor she surprises) and 
Danny Trejo (the co-worker who surprises her).  Inspiration came from Bennett’s 
own experience of becoming pregnant with her now five-year-old son.  Shot in 
Vancouver, the film is produced by Kevin Eastwood (Fido) and Dylan Collingwood.

Preggoland has played at a handful of festivals, including TIFF 2014 (where it had its 
world premiere), VIFF 2014 (Most Popular Canadian Feature Film Award), 
Fargo 2015 (Best Screenplay) and Omaha 2015 (Audience Choice Feature Film).

I spoke with both Jacob Tierney and Sonja Bennett about the film during the Toronto International Film Festival.  Please enjoy the interviews below. 

opens May 1 in Toronto (Yonge Dundas), 
Vancouver (International Village) and Montreal!

Jacob Tierney was born in Montreal. He has been a professional actor since age six and appeared in numerous films and television shows before making his directorial debut with the short film Dad (02). His features include Twist (03), The Trotsky (09), and Good Neighbours (10), all of which premiered at the Festival. Preggoland (14) is his latest film.