Buckle up and keep an eye out for Canada’s own Amber Balcaen!

NASCAR fans continue to grow throughout the nation and Amber Balcaen is emerging as a fast and furious new girl on the scene. She is not only making her way into this competitive world but she is also a huge presence in the cast of Racing Wives.

CMT’s new series Racing Wives follows the lives of NASCAR’s most prominent women through their personal and professional journeys. Driver Amber Balcaen, wives Samantha Busch, Ashley Bush, Whitney Ward Dillon and Mariel Lane live, work and play in the Lake Norman area of North Carolina, where the who’s who of racing reside. Racing Wives offers a glimpse into the sport watched by millions each week, but focuses on relatable issues such as family, friendship, careers and work-balance.


Making her Country proud, Amber Balcaen is from Winnipeg, Canada. She started racing when she was 10, mostly on dirt track. She joined the cast of Racing Wives as an opportunity to share her story. She doesn’t come from money, and she is a Canadian woman in a very American, male-centric sport. Through hard work and dedication she hopes to fulfill her dream of becoming a professional NASCAR driver.

I spoke with Amber via satellite about her racing career, being the show and the challenges she’s faced in this competitive and mainly man’s world.