Raymond Ochoa IS "The Good Dinosaur"

Raymond Ochoa as "Arlo" in The Good Dinosaur

Raymond Ochoa as "Arlo" in The Good Dinosaur

Pixar has done it again! In their latest film, The Good Dinosaur a young Apatosaurus named Arlo gets separated from his family and finds himself on quite the adventure as he tries to find his way home.  Since the meteor that killed all the dinosaurs missed the earth in this story, humans co-exist with them. Lonely, scared Arlo bonds with a caveman-style kid he names Spot and together they begin the search for Arlo’s family.

14-year-old Raymond Ochoa whose older brother Ryan is also an actor, won the voice role of the lead dino Arlo over 1400 other kids. His voice started changing when he was recording at ages 12 and 13 but boy,  did he make it work.

I spoke with Raymond ( an absolutely charming young man) about what he has in common with Arlo, getting the emotion right in his voice over session, dealing with his changing voice, how he’s stays grounded and much more.

Check out our interview below. 

The Good Dinosaur is NOW playing in theatres across North America. Don't miss it - a great treat for the entire family to enjoy together.