Ted 2 - Interviews with Mark Wahlberg, Amanda Seyfried and Jessica Barth

Ready for some good old fashioned raunch? Then look no farther than Ted 2, playing at a theatre near you. From the brilliant mind of creator, writer, director and actor Seth MacFarlane everyone's favourite foul-mouthed Teddy is back after scoring at the box office three years ago with the highest grossing R rated comedy in history.

We now find Ted married to his grocery check-out gal Tammy-Lynn (Jessica Barth). The couple is desperate to have a baby but Ted can't legally adopt because he is not a person. So Ted and his Thunder Buddy best friend John (Mark Wahlberg) go to court to prove Ted's person-hood. Along the way they meet Samantha, (Amanda Seyfried) who becomes their lawyer and helps them fight for Ted's rights.

Sound ridiculous?  Of course it is, but the laughs are a plenty and the gross out factor is at it's prime. Seth MacFarlane does not take mercy on anything or anyone and that's really all you want when you sit down to watch a movie like this. Especially one from the creator of Family Guy! 

Critics are far from raving about the return of Wahlberg and his talking Teddy-buddy (voiced by MacFarlane) but comedies generally tend to do better than their critical response.  In 2012, Ted went number one at the box office its opening weekend with a domestic take of over 54 million (and went on to make over $500 million worldwide).

I spoke with Mark Wahlberg, Amanda Seyfried, Jessica Barth and the man himself, Seth MacFarlane in London about working on the film and why everyone would just about bend over backwards to work with MacFarlane.  Enjoy the interviews below.