The Incredible Jessica James - Jessica Williams Interview

Jessica Williams as the Incredible Jessica James

Jessica Williams as the Incredible Jessica James

Former Daily Show breakout star turned podcast queen Jessica Williams is will soon have her own Netflix original movie released on the popular streaming network.

The Incredible Jessica James, a bonified Sundance hit, centres around Williams, a 25-year-old aspiring playwright living in New York, fresh from a break up, who strikes up a new relationship with a recently divorced man (Chris O'Dowd).

Williams, a former quick-witted Daily Show correspondent is excited about her leading lady movie debut and can't wait for fans to see it. 

In the 2 minute teaser trailer for the film, Williams-as-James lists all her positive traits in an act of self-affirmation as she goes on bad date after bad date. "I'm tall and pretty and smart and I'm a cocoa queen," her voice declares over scenes of her snuggling up to a would-be suitor. "Obviously I will have many great loves of my life."

But landing a significant other in the city is easier said than done. On what is presumably her first date with Dowd's character (a recent divorced Boone), James' past keeps coming back to haunt her. "I thought this would be good for me to help me get over this guy I was in love with, but this whole thing is making me think of him more enticingly," she tells Dowd-as-Boone, to which he responds, "Cool."

When Boone confesses to James that he likes her, the sharp-tongued lead responds, "Of course you do. Everybody does. I'm freakin' dope."

 The Incredible Jessica James comes to Netflix on July 28.

I had the pleasure of chatting with Jessica Williams in New Orleans to discuss the film and how being a part of The Daily Show with Jon Stewart changed her life.