There’s a new Tarzan in town and this one isn’t just your average swinger! 

In the new movie The Legend of Tarzan, we meet Tarzan and his wife Jane well after they met in the jungle and moved to civilization. It’s been nearly a decade since Tarzan (Alexander Skarsgård), also known as John Clayton III, left Africa to live in Victorian England with his wife Jane (Margot Robbie). Danger lurks on the horizon as Leon Rom, (Christoph Waltz) a treacherous envoy for King Leopold, devises a scheme that lures the couple to the Congo. Rom plans to capture Tarzan and deliver him to an old enemy in exchange for diamonds. When Jane becomes a pawn in his devious plot, Tarzan must return to the jungle to save the woman he loves. The Legend of Tarzan also stars Samuel L Jackson and Djimon Hounsou. 

After Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows, and helming four Potter films back-to-back, director David Yates was looking for something completely different to direct and decided thatTarzan would be his next big project.  He was intrigued by the story and the challenge of combining non-stop action with CG animals once Tarzan returned to the jungle. 

The Legend of Tarzan is definitely not like the Tarzan films we grew up on. Alexander Skarsgard ( known best for his role in the TV series, (True Blood) was immediately attracted to the script due to this new take on the story that picks up eight years after the originalTarzan legend ends, with the character now living a very distinguished life in Victorian London. Conflict arises, however, when he’s forced to return to the jungle of his childhood, where the dynamic between man and beast wrestles within him. The actor also enjoyed the technical challenges of shooting the film, which pushes the boundaries of motion-capture in its depiction of the apes.   

His chemistry with co-star Margot Robbie who plays Jane was immediate from the moment they first met and is quite evident when you see them on screen together. Skarsgard and Robbie became fast friends and spent most of their time on set enjoying each other’s company. Margot Robbie who we will see next in Suicide Squad,  says she was in awe of Skarsgard’s hard work and extreme discipline when it came to getting in shape for his role as Tarzan.  She was also thrilled to see that this Jane was no damsel in distress and could very much hold her own. 

The talented 25-year-old said Jane and Alexander’s character Tarzan are very much a team. During our recent interview in Los Angeles, Robbie told me, “There is actually a line in the film where (the villain played by Christoph Waltz) says “scream for me” and Jane is like, “What? Like a damsel?” and I spit in his face. Jane can take care of herself and is constantly getting out of danger on her own.’

While her hunky co-star Alexander stars half-naked for most of the film, showing off his bare chest, Margot was able to keep her clothes on. ‘Even in the jungle, Jane is fully dressed in boots, a skirt and a blouse, which deteriorates throughout the film as we are jumping off things, in monsoons and stampedes,’ she said. However, she added that she did feel sorry for Alexander, as he had to watch what he ate whereas she could ‘eat whatever’ she desired.   

As for David Yates, the director is doubly busy at the moment as his next directorial feature, the Harry Potter spinoff  Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them (starring Oscar winner Eddie Redmayne)  is also due for release this year, but The Legend of Tarzan opens first on July 1st.  

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