Tim Roth - Talks Tin Star, Twin Peaks and the Role that Changed his Life


British actor Tim Roth is often mistaken for an American because of his skill at imitating accents. His many unforgettable characters include roles in Rob Roy, Planet of the Apes, The Incredible Hulk, Vincent and Theo, Reservoir Dogs, Pulp Fiction and most recently, The Hateful Eight. He just finished two new films: The Padre with Nick Nolte, and The Brits Are Coming, a comedy with an all-star cast including Uma Thurman, Crispin Glover and Sofia Vergara.

His latest project is starring in the new television series Tin Star, where Roth portrays Jim Worth, a recovering alcoholic and former British detective now a small town police chief, who brings his family to the tiny, tranquil town of Little Big Bear in the Canadian Rockies for a better life. As the new chief of police, he finds there is little to occupy himself with at work, at least until North Stream Oil sets up a refinery near the town, bringing a wave of oil workers and controversy in its wake. It’s in this state of flux that Jim stumbles upon a possible connection to a murder case, and when his family’s safety is compromised he does what he can to protect them. But he is about to experience a wrath unlike any he has ever known. What ensues is an epic thrill ride as deceit, guilt, love, and all-consuming rage lead inexorably to a gut-wrenching finale. 


Tin Star also stars Christina Hendricks (Mad Men). It’s written by Rowan Joffé (28 Weeks Later, The American). Tin Star is streaming exclusively on Amazon Prime Video in the U.S. beginning September 29.

In our exclusive interview Tim Roth told me he's really not a TV snob, but wasn't particularly interested in working on a series.  However, once he was sent the first three scripts for Tin Star - he was immediately hooked in and couldn't pass up the opportunity. 

Check out our interview below where we discussed Tin Star, his recent appearance on Twin Peaks:The Return, working with David Lynch and the movie role that changed his life.