Triple 9: Interview with Aaron Paul and Norman Reedus

After five seasons of portraying wigged-out meth dealer Jesse Pinkman on the smash series Breaking Bad, Aaron Paul is making a name for himself on the big screen. His long time pal Norman Reedus who is currently killing every zombie in his path on The Walking Dead is is also moving towards some big screen roles, so it was only natural that these guys are currently co-starring in the intense action thriller, Triple 9.

The film kicks off with a high octane action scene where armed thieves make their getaway following a bank robbery in broad daylight. Unhappy with the results, ruthless gangster Irina Vlaslov (Kate Winslet) orders the men to pull off another job. One member of the team is Marcus Belmont (Anthony Mackie), a crooked cop who gets saddled with Chris Allen (Casey Affleck), his new but incorruptible police partner. As Belmont and his cohorts lay the groundwork for the heist, they come up with a devious plan to use Allen as their pawn. Aaron Paul and Norman Reedus play brothers who get caught up in the heist with disastrous result.

Triple 9 was shot entirely on location in Atlanta, which made life quite convenient for Norman Reedus where The Walking Dead is also shot. As Reedus says, working on Triple 9 was a nice break from killing zombies and having to have his hair constantly in his face to play Daryl.

I spoke with Aaron Paul and Norman Reedusin Los Angeles about getting the chance to finally work together after being friends for so many years and why they chose the project. Reedus brought his adorable puppy "Bug" to the interview which made for a welcome distraction.

Triple 9 opens in theatres on February 26th