Monster Trucks - Jane Levy Interview

Jane Levy and Lucis Till in, Monster Trucks

Jane Levy and Lucis Till in, Monster Trucks

When you think about a movie called Monster Trucks, you're most likely picturing a movie about actual monster trucks – as in enormous vehicles with massive wheels chewing up dirt tracks. Not the case with this Chris Wedge-directed film. We’re talking about literal monster trucks here. As in monsters controlling trucks.

In Monster Trucks, out in wide release January 13, Lucas Till (MacGyver) plays a high school senior named Tripp who is unhappy with his life in a small town and spends his free time building a monster truck out of scrap parts. One night he discovers his rig has been turned into a monster truck of a completely different — that is, literal — kind, thanks to an accident at an oil-drilling site near the junkyard that disturbed three creatures deep underground.

The villainous oil company has captured two of them, and is on a furious hunt for the third — who’s now hiding in Tripp’s truck. Can Tripp and his friend Meredith save the monsters and get out of their podunk town while they’re at it?

Starring as Meredith in Monster Trucks is Jane Levy, known for her starring role in the TV series, Suburgatory and her recent horror hit, Don't Breath. 

I spoke with Jane live via satellite from Los Angeles about her experience working on the live-action/CG hybrid film Monster Trucks, the challenges she faced on the shoot, and what she has coming up next.

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Monster Trucks rolls into theatres on January 13th.