Ryan Reynolds chats about his latest film, The Voices

Ryan Reynolds in, The Voices

Ryan Reynolds in, The Voices

Ryan Reynolds is never one to disappoint when it comes to the roles he chooses. Some have been hits, some have been misses but you can't argue that most of them have been really interesting.  His latest starring role is in The Voices, which had it’s premiere at the Toronto International Film Festival in September.

In the film, Ryan plays Jerry Hickfang, a seemingly loveable but slightly odd factory worker. In reality, however, he’s a schizophrenic loner tiptoeing on the edge of insanity. His initially innocent crush on a co-worker turns dangerous when he succumbs to the voices only he can hear from his cat and dog, Mr. Whiskers and Bosco. Torn between his desire for society’s version of normality and the surreal version of his own, Jerry’s voices eventually prevail and drive him down a twisted, criminal path.

It was a daunting and difficult role, mainly because Ryan not only takes on the lead but also provides the voices for his dog and cat which almost drove him over the edge. By the way, Reynolds admits that he is NOT a cat person.

I spoke with Ryan Reynolds (always one of my absolutely favorite people to interview) during the Toronto International Film Festival about working on this film.  

Please check out our interview below. ( I also spoke with director Marjane Satrapi which follows  my chat with Ryan)

The R-rated film, which also stars Anna Kendrick, Gemma Arterton, and Jacki Weaver, is in select theatres in Toronto on February 13th. This film is no longer having a theatrical release in Vancouver. The Voices will be going to VOD February 20th.